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for a two books. One is WAL-MART founder Sam · Walton’s autobiography, this is a "Jingdong".

to tell you the truth, I love reading the Autobiography of Walton after the sentiment, because WAL-MART is the traditional retail scale, read Walton’s autobiography, extend great admiration, to talk with one of the predecessors had seemed, always get a lot of inspiration and motivation, also hope to be able to record and share with the team or to introspection.

and for the latter, although I can confidently say that today, the Jingdong created an industry benchmark, but obviously much less than when we are still a niche in the temple of fame, along the way, and future possibilities. Moreover, it is easy for people to understand, difficult to see their own, although because of investment, cooperation and so on, I often have to introduce Jingdong in different occasions, but for their point of praise, it really does not fit my personality.

therefore, Zhigang put forward in time to write this book, my only request is to travel so far, Jingdong are written, success and failure, gain and loss, not evade, not whitewash.

okay, finally in the "Jingdong heros" in the book, not only has a brother along the way, grow together with the enterprise of excitement and joy, but also face the loss and anxiety and breakthrough the bottleneck question outside, and hit the wall embarrassment and distress.

but I also worry that the book is too complicated and detailed description of the details, it is possible to disperse the reader’s overall understanding of the Jingdong. So, we may wish to follow the memory, to introduce the origin of Jingdong model.

common memory is often the best. In early days, overtime at night, the brothers often gather in Jingdong, Bistro food stalls, a few mouthfuls of wine, accumulated day work fatigue and depressed to resolve most of the cup hit together, the friction generated on this past work. More importantly, in such relaxed occasions, we can work together to discuss recent business and can solve the customer: what are the problems, and fix what difficult customers. With, a lot of details to be identified and resolved, many sales targets are boldly set. The second day, brothers continued full blood rush, and Jingdong are making great strides in this rhythm.

now, the more brothers gather, the more thick the memories, the less the wine is drunk.

today’s Jingdong has grown rapidly, there is no place for us to hold a staff meeting. Moreover, with our organizational structure is complete, the system gradually established, the internal communication and coordination has become more standardized, human assessment and incentive mechanism is also more perfect, as a listed company, we can not be like the style of acting wilderness entrepreneurial period. I recently thought and is more concerned about the organization system, seamless, smooth and orderly, the Jingdong that early brothers work passion should not be diluted, rapid response to customer demand can not be lost. I ask myself and my team to always maintain an entrepreneurial enterprise