participated in the network marketing training people may feel the same — network marketing this thing is a little difficult to understand but also suspended, said such that a few aspects include: basic platform, network promotion research, network planning and so on. Can be said to understand it is not a good start, every step of the fine differentiation and specialization, is enough for a layman, even e-commerce professional learning for several years.

and the current network marketing training on the market, in fact, are not changed, want to have a deeper understanding of the network marketing training, and listen to the author to do a little analysis. The art of war as an example, set into the marketing training to speak.

‘s grandson, said: "war is a national priority, related to the people’s life, the life of the nation is not careful careful observation, analysis and research.

and the network marketing training is a business or personal desire to go deep into e-commerce a compulsory course, in order to sail, but also must be carried out around the network marketing as the center. So the content of the training needs to include many aspects, need to be able to understand.

points out that the five aspects of the analysis, marketing training is also the same general.

is a way: to do a website should have exclusive planning ideas and objectives. Who are your target customers and how to obtain the resources of the users? How to guide the students to train this piece of the initial task, the training institutions should be considered.

The two day:

is constantly changing seasons, how to consolidate their content marketing season in the world the myriads of changes in a wide range from all aspects of the field, the normal operation of maintaining their own website.

three is: to fight a beautiful battle, of course, need to have a good terrain, in fact, is to choose a site that is conducive to the development of their own sites or places are very important. You choose to open electronic commerce in Shenzhen and your journey in the mountains there is always difference? As for how to choose, what are considered the scope of this course is the content of the training should include the.

four is: good generals can have a good start. How to choose a wise man when the generals, and how to do? I think this is the core of the entire training content, there is no good generals, soldiers who come to the morale of the world to help you fight


five is a method: to understand the electronic commerce laws and regulations promulgated by the state or local policies, the integration of a set of appropriate planning system in their own enterprise, this is a very important measure of talent management.

said that, in fact, just want more network marketing training can have real practical more to e-commerce students help, just explain the knowledge, as a practical method or technique to.

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