speed transit network December 15th news according to informed sources, the dragon group founded in November 2007, the big long bao (www.dajiubao.com) had recently been low-key transition for comparison shopping search site, the site has been engaged in e-commerce business, e-commerce services to provide research, purchase and integration services to consumers.

it is reported that the domestic website first appeared in 1996, comparison shopping, but because the Internet economy is in winter, comparison shopping has also been frozen. Until 2004, with the popularity of the Internet, shopping sites began to rise and develop rapidly, currently there are more than more than and 30 shopping search sites.


dragon group senior vice president and President Yang Beili (big long bao network speed transit network plan)

dragon group senior vice president and President Yang Beili on the big long bao network speed transit network said, since the long bao network since the trial operation, has done in 12 thousand or so, every day the number of orders has reached more than and 300, the average daily browse about one million, registered users exceeded 600 thousand, the month is still growing at a rate of 50%.

it is understood that the big long bao net is made by the dragon group and in search of cooperation construction and operation, the integration of the Dragon IT channel resources at the same time, also found in the search technology and micro technology into the line. At present, the Jingdong and Amazon, mall, dangdang.com, new egg, red child and other famous green forest digital B2C have established good cooperation. (Li Li)