June electricity supplier in the middle of the war Tmall by micro-blog first force


technology news June 17th news, in mid June, the major electricity supplier companies have long been tempted, through the micro-blog platform called the declaration of war. The depth of Tmall and micro-blog get through, reflecting the first mover advantage, from the release of the box to the background template and then to the right navigation bar, everywhere can be seen in the shadow of Tmall big promotion.

as of now, the amount of reading # Tmall years to promote # this hot topic is more than 640 million, the discussion was more than 2 million 400 thousand, and are still soaring.

on the PC side, banner advertising head map, micro-blog home page has become a big promotion in Tmall content, micro-blog released a picture frame, frame do Tmall elements of the package box on the right column also appeared to promote Tmall in the navigation bar, click on Tmall can directly go shopping. In addition, the user login page has also been covered by Tmall, Tmall has greatly contributed to the promotion of advertising and promotion, through these ads can be directly into the Tmall shopping. From the content point of view, this year, Tmall hit the brand self refused to renew the slogan, directed against competitors.


"Tmall, really new cheap"

micro-blog mobile client also incorporates elements of Tmall. Through the boot advertising, Tmall to achieve a massive micro-blog user’s brand information coverage, micro-blog client discovery page has become almost Tmall theme, each sub channel icon has also been customized. Popular micro-blog icon into Tmall client icon, and find someone, run 2015, game center and surrounding four sub channels have also been adjusted, together correspond directly into Tmall to promote the following year in the slogan "new Tmall, really cheap".


Tmall in June 16-6 18, these three days, will be issued on the micro-blog cash red

In addition to

, Tmall in June 16-6 month 18 days three days, will send red envelopes of cash in micro-blog, as long as the release of # with Tmall years to promote # micro-blog, you can participate in the lottery, the way cash envelopes will stimulate the spread of the topic by the user.


Hu Ge issued a buy cat food at Tmall micro-blog

in addition to the promotion of resources and the release of red envelopes, Tmall and micro-blog’s top stars to cooperate. This morning, Hu Ge issued a buy cat food in Tmall micro-blog, also bring a big promotion this year in Tmall’s slogan # really cheap new #, while the two map also has profound meaning, in addition to a parcel map, another picture directly hit the copy: "Ann happy at home" campaign for Tmall supermarket. The micro-blog was praised for 34 thousand times in about three hours.

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