with the rapid development of the Internet, online advertising as the main source of revenue and concern, and as a representative of a new advertising media and widely acclaimed. Compared with the traditional advertising media, the network media based on Internet advertising has many traditional media can not achieve the advantages, has been favored by many users. Through the analysis and research of network advertising, and on the basis of drawing on the majority of professional research papers, the author thinks that the main characteristics of network advertising in the following aspects.

one, the universality of network advertising communication

online advertising through Internet advertising information around the clock, 24 hours uninterrupted spread to all over the world, it can be said that regardless of the weather spread. Internet users can browse the advertising information at any time in any place on the Internet, these effects can not be achieved by traditional media. In fact, this is one of the advantages of the network media, which is different from the traditional media. However, this advantage for many customers, does not seem to have a very strong appeal.

it is well known that companies want their ads for a particular area of the crowd, not for everyone, otherwise it will lead to attractiveness and decline in advertising. For example, health care manufacturers want the audience to be the people who need health care. This requirement has led to a number of traditional industries have a misunderstanding on the Internet advertising, such as real estate, because the real estate business services with a strong regional characteristics, mainly for urban residents and businesses. Therefore, in the local newspapers, television stations, roadside advertising, the effect is undoubtedly better than the world’s Web site is better. It can be said that no matter what the enterprise marketing strategy after all to in a region, a part of people, CCTV advertising revenue though, but compared with the local media in the country many, just head. Thus, the wide spread of the characteristics of online advertising, has not fully reflected the advantages of online advertising.

two, network dissemination of information non mandatory

newspaper, magazines, television, radio, outdoor and other traditional media in the dissemination of information, has a great compulsive, forcing the audience to accept their dissemination of information; and the network communication is completely open, non compulsory, this is the essence of traditional media with different. From the perspective of human nature, the openness of network communication is a very good network of people. However, from the advertising effect, forced the dissemination of traditional media information will certainly arouse audience’s resentment, but this mode of transmission can ensure the advertising information for people received, in fact conducive to advertising business. The majority of advertisers in considering advertising is often considered to be able to allow more people to receive it, rather than allowing more people to take the initiative to choose it.

network as a new media, its openness and freedom is unprecedented, with the advantages of network dissemination of powerful wings, in the dissemination of the air