network marketing has an important module is online retail, especially a lot of Taobao mall and Taobao shop in this area. A lot of students are tan roots in Taobao, they have a very important problem — the shop did not flow, no large advertising costs, do not know how to do network promotion, ask me what is a good solution not. Tan roots early operation of online shopping items, especially last year when the cattle dealer network responsible for the operation of the electronic commerce project aiyaya, when the main operation is to Taobao. Now I have some personal experience to share with you. Cai Gen Tan network marketing agency world premiere, although the topic of many community forums are discussed, but the part below the estimate you searched all over the Internet can not find.

first, we analyze the ten sources of Taobao store traffic flow.

a, from Taobao search search keywords, will appear in the list of related products, the top of the product, the customer will give priority to enter;

two, from the Taobao home page category gradually into the selection;

three, Taobao put through the traffic flow;

four, Taobao hard advertising put traffic;

five, to participate in the activities of Taobao traffic;

six, Taobao customers to promote the flow of

seven, Taobao community promotion flow;

eight, outside the station to promote the flow of

nine, old customers and referrals;

ten, others, such as: cooperation, friends, such as chain

today we will analyze how to do a good job shop optimization or baby optimization, to get a good search rankings to get free search traffic. Tan roots summed up "a kind of strategy, key factors of seven".

a strategy – Title keyword matching, title sales force

is very simple, since the target customers are looking for goods will search for relevant keywords, if you the title of the goods without this keyword, it will not show in the list, let alone get good rankings. So baby TITLE 30 words to make full use of the restrictions, as far as possible contain a little more relevant keywords. This is the opportunity for different customers to search for different keywords.

most people know that if there is no actual combat experience, people can only tell you these. Tan roots found in the actual consultation and actual combat, many people can write a lot of words, but in the baby in the title, a lot of no invalid keyword search keyword. In fact, Taobao provides the first hot words page, you can go to the reference, there are a lot of Taobao keyword tool you can use the free download, more important is the Taobao train provides detailed keyword search volume. This can help you choose a large amount of search, relevance, more precise keywords.

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