Abstract: February 9th to 10, Zhou Dasheng, Juhuasuan, danielwellington, Casio, Luk Fook jewelry Rossini shes watches, accessories etc. 6 brand planning activities for a period of poly love confession, Valentine’s Day confession hot lead.


recently, small really is fast by the male friends tired ears in a cocoon of the annual Spring Festival! Valentine’s day are being destroyed day! Because over the years we have become a guanggansiling, is where the money went to what Valentine’s Day! However, the life of people a long way, don’t need some sense of ceremony to commemorate some special day? So men don’t ask me why girls love on Valentine’s day? Why always dislike your Valentine’s Day gifts are not creative? I was standing on the side of the girls! (because I am a girl!)


What is

Valentine’s day? Is a single dog off a single day; is that I love you the day of love; love is the expression of a special day! On this day usually put down tired, put down a shy temperament, put down everything, try to enjoy very much the Oriental people love! Not to speak of love, for them, who first said on behalf of love, who first give up! I love, is a process of mutual caring, how there are win! The love of two people together, more than any thing in the world is wonderful! On Valentine’s Day approaching, let us give up all the traditional concept together, loudly say "I love you"




to help you express, help lovers married

It is reported that

in February 9th to February 10th 6 Juhuasuan joint brand planning activities of a poly love confession! Platform attracted millions of participants, make this Valentine’s day, not only is the flowers, chocolate, candlelight dinner consisting of Valentine’s Day is no longer monotonous, the same circle of friends in the sun flower! You can be very proud of the high-profile "we want to see the Valentine’s day, I went to Juhuasuan and micro-blog, WeChat! Where are we waiting for you!" the whole world knows "I love you" the plot is not very able to meet girls Korean actress



because of this, the event began, numerous letters to Juhuasuan’s confession background full of blocking, participate in the activities of the many couples and singles say this way of confession really novel! Can meet the girlfriend on Valentine’s Day fantasy! Which participate in the activities of Mr. Zhao said: "I want to say is a girl I love for many years, I hope she can see, and agree with me."


at the same time, WeChat and micro-blog’s activities also detonated a climax, in WeChat, micro-blog, the other half of the people can be found everywhere!