with CPI continued to rise, the domestic small and medium enterprises in the production process of rising costs. How to deal with the soaring cost pressures, has become the most talked about topic. Recently, the "global ten tour operators forum held in Guangzhou, more than 1 thousand companies from Guangzhou, the South China Sea, Dongguan and other places of the Lord for" how to use e-commerce platform to resist inflationary pressures "the topic of a lively discussion.

raw material prices caused by rising costs

, including the upstream raw material prices, wages and other factors, the cost of this year, the company rose at least about 10%." South China Sea, a gift packaging company responsible person told reporters.

in January this year, in October, the domestic CPI rose 3% year on year, has exceeded the target of annual inflation control. CPI trend, from July to October, the monthly rise, the monthly CPI were 3.3%, 3.5%, 3.6% and 4.4%. Market generally predicted that in November CPI may continue to rise.

community domestic macro mainstream view, the current round of inflation is cost push inflation, the production costs continue to rise, resulting in the overall price increases; while the loose monetary policy caused by excess liquidity, provides the external environment and the power for the formation of inflation. Among them, the increasing production cost mainly has three: one is the turning point of Lewis approximation, the rural surplus labor force is gradually reduced, the labor cost increases; two is the international raw material prices boosted by rising production costs; three with the improvement of environmental standards, strengthen the supervision of power, also increasing the cost of business operations.

profits shrink companies dare not single

Statistical data of

from the office of foreign trade and economic cooperation show that since the beginning of this year, corporate labor costs generally increased by about 20%, enterprise purchasing raw material costs generally rose 10%, steel, copper, plastic, cotton and other major raw materials prices rose more than 20%, at the same time, transportation, electricity costs also increased significantly. These have greatly increased the cost of foreign trade enterprises, already very small profit margins have been squeezed out of a There is not much left., enterprises may face losses.

"now a lot of small foreign trade enterprise is not a lack of orders, but has not received a single, the main reason is that inflation cost pressures, let the foreign trade order has become the" hot potato ". At present, most foreign trade enterprises tend to pick up some "fast track" orders." Yang Zijiang, general manager of Alibaba Guangdong District, said in an interview with reporters, the cost pressures are prompting many companies to accelerate the transformation.

"we are now outside the list has been very little, just to maintain a few old customers, because foreign orders profit is getting lower and lower, but the customer’s request is getting higher and higher. So we are now receiving orders are from the e-commerce platform to open up new domestic customers." Miss Wen told reporters.

route through the electronic commerce to reduce the cost of

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