has set up shop on Taobao, why do you want to build your own online store?. On the general shop platform (such as Taobao, eBay, Alibaba) and open their own independent shop what are the differences?

for these questions, HiShop online store experts believe:

1, an independent shop to help build its own brand

set up the independent online store can have their own names, their store, have their own brand. For small and medium-sized enterprises, to build their own brand image, to form their own brand culture is particularly important. The brand construction starts sooner, the more easily in the future to form an effective competitive threshold — online brand building of enterprises must not lose at the starting line; to have a certain brand of small and medium-sized enterprises, you should as soon as possible to building your own brand independent shop;

2, independent shop can bind independent domain name

is the name of your own domain name, is your own registration, you are the domain name holder. You can you hold the domain name printed on your name card, your brochure. For example, shop45464.domain.com and the two level domain name is not convenient for memory and communication, but also not belong to you, shop platform may cancel your eligibility to use or charge for the two level domain — you should not put your shop access entrance rests in the hands of others, for your business and long-term development is hidden the. Moreover, in the era of the Internet, the two domain name will be far less than the top-level domain can help companies to promote the products and services on the network.

3, independent shop is more convenient to promote your own

has its own online store, you will be your own domain name and brand. Your customers remember your domain name and brand, you will have the best publicity investment returns. The shop in the shop on the platform, you will hard propaganda is your customers to the shop on the platform, the equivalent of you hard for the shop platform for propaganda, their own efforts is shop platform visibility, rather than your own, the visibility of the shop;

4, independent shop easier to enhance corporate image

if you are a business, you need to set up their own independent online store. You can shop with your CIS (Corporate Identity System) perfect integration, all this not only reflects your corporate image, but also can bring considerable sales for you and create a network marketing channel more in return for your business.

5, independent shop can better reflect the strength of your business

independent shop can have their own specific, not easy to confuse the appearance of others, their own way of payment, their own shopping cart. All this will be able to reflect their own strength, will not allow customers to think that you are an individual or a small shop, customers will think you are a powerful company in the operation, enhance customer