to increase the effect of charging customers as the most important work in the operation of the site to catch, which is related to the site is able to grow and develop, and even the most critical part of life and death. In the course of the operation of the B2B industry for many years, I found that, in addition to improving the site’s IP and PV is very important, the innovation of the advertising model is also very important. Because of the advertising and the user experience on the site itself has a certain contradiction, the user is a little advertising didn’t want the site, search results are fair, website no ads, but could not, which is contrary to the business model.

For example:

TV commercials in the most exciting time will show, but the TV also has a slogan: advertising is also wonderful. If the variety show host will remind you now advertising spots, please don’t go away, come back soon. B2B industry websites have to make advertising is of great concern to the user, to achieve advertising is a great effect, to innovative advertising model ceaselessly, the first is the innovation advertisement, advertising design, creative advertising display is second, because the advertisement innovation related to the customer’s industry, also belongs to the category of advertising planning, not discussed here, this paper mainly discusses the innovation of advertisement display.

also described here, this article is an excerpt from "B2B industry portal website promotion combat cheats" chapter twelfth: how to B2B industry portal website promotion on the inside, most of the contents of the fourth quarter, we see the most is not my innovation, more is to list some good creative advertising model, let us learn. But there are also some of my own innovation, after the test results are very good.

1 will be implanted into the interactive function of advertising, so that users get a good impression of advertising, more easily seen


model is a bit like the title, TV programs such as "BBK music mobile phone happy girl" is the title. Similarly, the site of the column naming rights to the customer is also possible, such as Semir named "Tencent entertainment", but also the special columns or the naming rights to the customer, such as the 60 anniversary of the founding of the United States Group on naming the many sites in the past 60 years the topic is better than simply doing a advertising effect.

linked to the B2B industry website, the website in some of the commonly used interactive function, also can add text ads or image ads, for example: when can reply to comments on the forum, blog, add a sentence: "Coca-Cola" friendship remind you, please reply earnestly; in the first place with the information in this article: "Coca-Cola" suggest: concerned about industry trends, make the right decision! Coca-Cola can be replaced to put ads. Can also use advertising as the background frame reply, BAIDU post, Tianya so operation, customer products made video background image; can also be well-known upstream equipments and raw materials related to the brand image of a blog template, for the user to choose. In short, the advertising implanted interactive links, more likely to cause everyone’s attention, but also produce results. But these places