morning news following the May 25th general meeting of shareholders of Alibaba’s B2B listed companies through the privatization offer, the Alibaba group announced yesterday, will be officially ceased trading in June 8th 20 officially quit the Hong Kong stock exchange. Yesterday, Alibaba B2B share price performance was flat, opening and closing at HK $13.42, compared with the previous trading day down 0.15%.

data show that Alibaba B2B listed on the stock exchange in November 6, 2007, financing 11 billion 600 million Hong Kong dollars, the largest China Internet Corporation financing scale. Ma Yun was in the Alibaba B2B listing: "Google missed the heroic utterance, do not miss Ali, but the share price performance and Google Alibaba B2B far, the next day after the listing price of HK $40.4 on the way down, the lowest is only more than HK $4, a low value of HK $7 more than in 2011.

in February this year, the Alibaba B2B proposed privatization offer, registered shareholders will receive a share price of HK $13.5 off, this is the 2007 issue price is announced privatization before the suspension of the last 60 trading day average closing price premium of 60.4%, compared with that before the suspension last 10 trading day average closing price premium of 55.3%.

Alibaba said to date in June 15, 2012, in the final judgment of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands to plan. If the plan is approved by the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands, scheduled to take effect in June 20, 2012. The privatization process lasted about 4 months, the Alibaba group is expected to cost $19 billion (about $2 billion 500 million) or so, this is the largest case of successful privatization of the Hong Kong stock market over the past few years, but also the highest rate of a premium.

recently, the Alibaba group announced in the $2 billion 500 million privatization of B2B company at the same time, an equity repurchase agreement with YAHOO, will spend 6 billion 300 million dollars in cash and more than $800 million in new Alibaba preferred stock repurchase of YAHOO, holding half of Ali group shares, namely Alibaba group equity 20%. It is said that Alibaba group is expected to get part of the National Development Bank A part of the $three in, as well as part of the B period of $2 billion in loans for the period of December, all for privatization.