B2B from 1998 the first American online line so far, has developed more than 10 years. Today, the argument for the development of B2B, the industry each have their own see. Some people think that the development of B2B is still in its early stages, some people think that B2B is lying on the fly on the glass, there is no bright future. However, B2B want to sound development, from the value, norms, innovation three aspects of consolidation, is an inevitable trend.


              user first, is our business philosophy. Users first, is to make money for suppliers, buyers save money, to provide our users with valuable products and services, so that every user feel that this platform is tailored for their own.

              suppliers increased rapidly to provide buyers with lower prices and more choice opportunities. But for the buyer, when it finds the supplier on the Internet, the current situation is not to find information, but false information flooding. In many information, it is difficult for buyers to make decisions quickly and accurately. So, as long as we set the search engine’s massive information and professional information industry site, so that the shortest time to buy the home to find the most suitable products on the platform, is the greatest benefit to the buyer.    

              for the supplier, how to become the buyer’s choice in numerous competitors, is the primary problem. Many vendors in the release of the product, because of the use of key words and its influence on the ranking of products. So we will be based on the user’s preferences for this product, to tell the supplier how to properly adjust the key words to help the supplier to get a good ranking results. Secondly, the responsibility of the B2B site is to integrate the target clear, contact the integrity of the buyer.


              since the comprehensive development of domestic e-commerce industry, the market turnover has maintained steady growth, but we expect to see a specification of the e-commerce industry, e-commerce enterprises in various industries expect spontaneously set norms and innovation and development, and the fast track the stage of development.

                regularization means that enterprises can consciously abide by the basic business ethics and ethics, adhere to independent innovation >