With the advent of the spring of China’s Internet second, the domain name as a non renewable basic resources, its heat is also constantly warming". The battle for the domain name has intensified: Microsoft registered the domain name to "network, users registered" cockroaches "reunion rabbit" domain name cybersquatting "Ginza supermarket", students built online shopping mall……

domain name has been registered in the enterprise. When the comments also emerge in an endless stream of sound. Some enterprises and commentators believe that cybersquatting hinders the development of enterprises, from the system and law on trademark protection, prevent cybersquatting. According to this view, legal experts pointed out that from the perspective of the development of international law and the Internet domain, if the trademark contain domain name right, not only to regulate the domain name of the role of the market, but will be counterproductive, causing confusion and even the Internet domain name system.

to register and malicious cybersquatting

since the domain name to register is not illegal, but also in line with international practice, why in the recent domestic controversial? Yu Guofu thinks, at present a lot of cybersquatting domain investment and questioned the voice, is actually confuse two concepts: first registration and malicious cybersquatting.

the trademark right and domain name right is big or small

for possible domain name dispute the rights and interests of the event, whether we can take the first review after the registration method to avoid? In this regard, China Foreign Affairs University professor Xue Hong said that the international practice of domain names are registered to take the "first"