yesterday, Jingdong released a pat shop eleven dual strategy, WeChat will be the main battlefield to pat the micro shop, and today, Tencent also voted pocket shopping C round of financing for micro shop drainage. I do not know whether you still remember clearly, this is the WeChat several times to the electricity market attack, after once again failed, it seems that the industry of WeChat business expectations has dropped to the freezing point.

micro shopping, Twitter Life have failed, the Tencent completely abandon the idea, will be in the hands of business assets as investment Jingdong and public comment, and took over the Jingdong, WeChat electric also comments, and no improvement, perhaps pat micro shop is the electricity supplier WeChat last chance, so Tencent willing to invest heavily micro micro shop shopping overweight.

the chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival micro shopping

in WeChat’s most popular heyday, all WeChat do seem to be possible, the impact of the electricity supplier Taobao WeChat voice is most strong, so the establishment of Tencent homeopathic micro shopping team intends to challenge Ali in the field of mobile providers. But the passage of time, those past WeChat voice is hard to applaud the electricity supplier and the Tencent also heard, to completely abandon the business.

from WeChat in my bank card channel increased online shopping function, supply the sector which has experienced from the easy fast network +QQ online shopping "," QQ online shopping + Jingdong ", and to only Jingdong, Tencent micro shopping team has been split up, some go, are incorporated into the Jingdong. This time last year was the micro shopping combined bestseller clothing women’s brands VERO MODA of WeChat electricity supplier heyday of the public opinion, aroused the vigilance of Ali in the public opinion under high pressure. Now Wushirenfei, micro shopping is to completely take over the chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival, Jingdong.

has been annexed to the micro life

push micro shopping in Tencent, but also launched a life service market for the electricity supplier project – micro life. When the micro life was very influential, public opinion is one of the biggest O2O entrance, however, public opinion on Twitter Life not to bring the actual market share, trader Dai Zhikang in the first half of this year is to leave. Then in June, the public comment announced strategic cooperation with Tencent to further deepen the integration of Tencent micro life membership card business, micro life was completely annexed.

micro shopping, Twitter Life failures had a very big blow to the Tencent, WeChat electric Tencent supplier last hope, but failed to gain a grand success as expected. Eventually, Tencent completely abandon electricity supplier business, will be incorporated into the review of micro life, micro shopping into Jingdong, WeChat electricity supplier hopes to get a new partner in the hands. However, the reality of fear and let Tencent disappointed.

did not see the improvement of micro group

in my impression, micro group purchase than Twitter Life and micro shopping earlier, WeChat should be the earliest business projects, but also to live the longest, because Twitter Life has been compared and incorporated into the micro micro shopping, group purchase is still healthy.