since ancient times, people have almost exhausted all the beautiful words to describe, praise the spring, because spring is the recovery of all things, pleasant scenery, because spring is full of vitality, pregnant with hope. Said that in 2011 China’s Internet and e-commerce business is another spring, not too much. In this spring, M18, rice network, Century Internet,, netqin technology, Qihoo, Jiayuan have met NASDAQ in the United States, Chinese concept in the United States everywhere, creating a myth of wealth……

in this spring, more and more traditional enterprises with e-commerce heavily reached the battlefield, trying to dig his first pot of gold in the field of business. On the traditional enterprise into the topic of e-commerce, so far has not been too successful myth, more painful cases of failure. Xidan, PPG, BONO, ITAT shopping, Patriot are ever become fashionable for a time myth but soon died down, quickly disappeared in the sight of Internet users. Looking at the failure of traditional enterprises to enter the fresh case of e-commerce, the reason for the failure of the core is nothing more than the following: market environment, capital, team, channel conflict, etc.. That is the traditional enterprise should not enter e-commerce I think at this stage of the traditional enterprises in full preparation, should vigorously develop e-commerce.


1, can China in talent shows itself under the market environment under the line, must be in the product and marketing of outstanding enterprises, which is also two electricity supplier company fatal defect light;

2, although the Chinese business enterprise significant profit case, but the development of electronic commerce in China is a great trend. There is no doubt that with the rapid rise in recent years, many OEM manufacturers and brands have Amoy net, seize the traditional brand market share, can foresee the traditional brand collective net, against only a matter of time is


3, e-commerce has become an important part of modern retailing emerging channels in the world in the United States, in addition to the Amazon and the largest online C2C market eBay, most large online retailers are not Internet start-ups, but traditional stores or mail order group. Among the top ten online retailers, there are more than six from the traditional retail enterprises launched online stores. China’s market size and the number of users and the development of space is much larger than Europe and the United States, as early as the traditional layout of e-commerce e-commerce is correct and wise choice.

Since the traditional

business into e-commerce is represent the general trend, then how can we avoid detours on the road to enter the electricity business? I think the clear direction, adjust expectations, regulatory framework and formulate a strategy and rapid implementation ", understand and grasp the core ideas of the twenty words, can reduce the chance of trial and error, win in the starting line.

clear direction

from past failures can be seen, the direction and positioning is not clear is an important cause of failure. Electronic commerce