is a fierce fighting in the battlefield, the battlefield, need not fall into the courage and spirit are not afraid of death, need is a keen insight, and prospective long-term. Thorough understanding of the opponent, the electricity supplier to keep track of the dynamic, they have to go hand in hand, seize the opportunity to put. In order to have the light of day.

from the start with project to now, for a long time, handling of large and small projects have more than a dozen, a Tmall store, Taobao C stores, independent B2C site, enterprise station, and a single page. From the beginning of war, now gradually clear thinking, summed up a lot of experience. Today, we analyze some real cases, we hope to bring some inspiration. Write bad place, please correct me.

said three squirrels. Three squirrels in the electricity supplier on the operation of a relatively complete, very legendary marketing, has now been seen as a benchmark for the majority of electricity providers practitioners. As one of my competitors and the industry giants, I always pay attention to the dynamics of three squirrels. First of all, three squirrels name, see this name, let three people only hold Songta squirrel in my mind, it is easy to remember the name of the buyer. Three squirrel user group is very young group, this group of users love personality, novel, western style. At this point, three squirrels store products named, is behind the bold use of product renderings, the front is to enlarge the map products, the upper left corner is the novel form of LOGO, breaking the previous product is the first figure overall map or enlarge the pattern details. This appears to be very structured product display, great sense of great. Followed by a large number of sellers have to follow, have used this product the first figure, also began to have the image of the shop mascot, the product packaging and store design great efforts. I was very impressed, once the three squirrels do One piece (One Piece), three squirrels were all wearing One Piece clothes inside, there is a special animation video, with WeChat marketing and promotion Post Bar, directly to the huge animation attracted buyers, attracted a lot of traffic three squirrels store. This is the depth of mining user characteristics, as well as a very successful psychological point.

network marketing promotion is not important?. But the premise is the promotion of effective your shop must be very attractive, product characteristics, highlighting the theme, let people love, hauntingly. This mode of operation, it is a ring buckle, complement each other.

say a I love the shop name is aqua. A dress is very distinctive, every period of time will have a new series, each series has a story. Each piece of clothing designers are endowed with the Arcadian life, like from the distant aristocratic palace or go out the mysterious forest girl, the pursuit of freedom, enjoy the soul of personal independence of conduct. Shop style bold exaggeration of the color of the collision, compared to other clothing stores, such a store user group characteristics ten >