also do Taobao Tmall, standing on the top of the big seller is scarce, a large number of middle sellers and support the entire electricity supplier, of course, the largest number of small sellers group. Today a middle seller shop is how to break through, to avoid slowly become small sellers in the double dilemma of off-season and bad environment, then exit.

this is my fifth year of sales last month to send one million yuan level shop, with the front 4 to search traffic, paid traffic supplemented by different shops, this is Taobao search activities and customer satisfaction, supplemented by train.

middle seller

in my opinion the middle seller mainly refers to those that have their own production or delivery ability, have their own small team of the seller, the seller of the middle small sellers as a team as a multitasker, usually have their own promotion operations, art design, customer service. They generally monthly sales in more than three hundred thousand, to about one million (this depends on some categories, category 1 million is currently 3. But they tend to stagnate, or even regress, because they are limited to the product, or the idea is wrong, or there is no suitable operational extension.

took over

I was in July 24th began to take over the store, then display the last 30 days of business staff turnover of 209 thousand, is a single sub category which sells women’s clothing shop C, uniform shop baby, a price of eighty or ninety dollars, in the sub category count on the middle price. As early as May to talk with each other, but then I have before work, not too much time left behind, until out time, just beginning to help train, then good results put the whole shop over.

through train

this shop is not put on the drill exhibition, so everything from the train before the train started, took over CPC to 0.9 yuan, the overall hit rate of around 1%; over half a month after the optimization to CPC0.4 yuan, hit rate to 3%; 15 days return rate rose from about 0.7 to about 2 (the main this paragraph is long sleeved products, cold night, in August the market has not increased significantly, 9 months late ROI should be able to upgrade 50%). The effect of the train is good, and gradually increase the launch of the back, with activities, compared to a month ago, the daily flow of two times. However, the total turnover brought by the car is not high, accounting for only 6% of the last 30 days of sales, because the cost of promotion accounted for only about 3%. Wait for the arrival of the peak season, will increase the amount of direct delivery of the car, to further expand sales.



products or those products, pictures or those pictures, but for a mode of operation, the effect is very different. Through the recent revision of the car frequently, some of the original operation has expired, the latest train operation on the way I will have to write back