August 8th news today, announced the completion of the orchard every day 100 million yuan D+ round of financing. This round of financing, Zhangjiang hi tech (600895SH) equity investment fund management company to carry on the investment of the orchard every day.

round of financing before, every day in the early 2016 orchard has just got the lead of Jingdong D round of $100 million financing.


on the financing plan for the use of the orchard every day, founder and CEO Wang Wei said, the future will continue cultivating the orchard every day, to strengthen the supply chain logistics construction, geographical expansion, continuous introduction of high-end talent, create more value for users, improve the user experience.

"on the orchard every day, this round of financing is a very strategic investment for the future, Zhangjiang hi tech orchard every day all aspects of listed will produce chemical reaction is very important."

hi tech general manager Mr. Ge Peijian said, as every orchard growing up in Zhangjiang hi tech Park "unicorn" enterprises, and common development is an important measure to practice the "time of Zhangjiang hi tech partnership concept. The future, Zhangjiang hi tech will rely on the ability to integrate resources of their powerful, to help the enterprises in the park docking of various resources, and actively build the innovation service platform, strengthen industrial investment management services. Efforts to cultivate more Unicorn enterprise.

Conference on the same day, in addition, also the orchard every day strategic cooperation with France Rand Riesz group reached. Rand Riesz "orchard every day" as the starting platform Rand brand products, in China.

public information, every day, the predecessor of the orchard is a traditional fruit business, in 2009, Wang Wei, founder of the line B2C fresh ingredients electricity supplier every day orchards, the main high-end fruit market. Last year, every orchard began to test the water O2O in addition to B2C, the orchard every day in the core city, rely mainly on the layout of the warehouse after two hours of delivery service, the time is ripe, and then plan to gradually to the surrounding area to copy the lightning delivery mode.