some of the big enterprises, listed companies to do Internet advertising have a professional third party monitoring company, a professional network advertising analyst. Of course now with Internet advertising is more and more mature, the network advertisement also has been recognized by many enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises have so much strength to ask a professional company to do. Value estimate, but at least you should hold a simple method.

then these small and medium-sized enterprises in the advertising network on the blind, advertising without a data analysis, there is no an effect evaluation, is where the good investment is. And at present the enterprise advertising on the network analyst, network advertisement monitoring all know enough today. In this simple in that several methods.

put into advertising is to make a profit, no profit is not the promotion of the project, so now more and more people have accepted the effect of advertising.

network advertising investment is divided into before the analysis of the main site of the input and the effect of advertising.

before you put an ad you have to do a basic analysis of the network,

Here are some of the most basic methods for quality analysis of a web site


1, the PR value of the site, of course, the highest possible, now the PR value can also have a lot of fraud, the PR value of the site is up to do, I do, as long as the general network can also master the PR value do go up, so here is mainly to tell a discrimination method of PR. Go to Baidu and Google look at the collection of this station, as well as look at the search engine update rate for this station.

if the quality of the site Baidu is generally updated every day, like this site is almost two hours Baidu will update,

2, the first is to see this site Alexa ranking, here many Webmaster Tools query method, I will not say, of course, Alexa ranking is only a reference, there are a lot of Alexa. This is not very important.

3, see this website popularity, this website is in the peer is not the largest, or top, if you search the industry keywords in the search engine pages can’t find this website in sight, it may be boastful.

4, look at the site’s traffic statistics system, must look at five months. This is very important, there are mainly three, the first is the IP second is an independent visitor is PV third. Pictured:

here you want to analyze the number of PV IP number, if the number of PV is more than 5 times the number of IP, so the quality of the site is high, if the number of PV is less than IP times the number of 3, which shows that the quality of the site is very poor,

5, analysis of the site’s access to the user >