September 5th news today, tournament data company "play plus event" announced that it has received a Pre-A round of financing huge capital of nearly 10 million. After the current round of financing, play plus event will open more cross industry cooperation, the output of their data services, and the face of the industry wide open database.

play plus tournament founder Zhao Pinqi believes that the company can get the recognition of capital, due to the huge China gaming user groups. He shared a neglected public the fact that overseas the most watched Super League is not China occupation and CBA, but LPL (league occupation League), LPL in overseas broadcasting and VOD amount is over several times. The China in the global gaming market is undoubtedly the biggest gaming consumer. Play with event service objects will include gaming game manufacturers, universities eSports alliance, worldwide Gaming Club, quiz and even business surrounding the industry.

in traditional sports (football, basketball, football, etc.), data statistics and high order data has been paid attention to the operation. In the event of the game is significantly more digital, information can be tapped more electronic sports industry, data seems to have become a lost puzzle. Playing games is to seize this part of the market, the lack of attention to the data on the excavation and development.

and play the game to understand the data is: record and analysis. Through the data of the "record" to create milepost for the players, as they leave a similar query in the future can be, from the traditional sports in the "legend" heritage retirement. Play with event statistics LPL (league occupation League) player appearances, data wins, kill the number of memorable, and the processing of graphic content can spread, the user and the player game experience I added topic and ceremony. Through the "record" event will play plus tournament viewing experience from the "one-time entertainment consumption" has gradually transformed to "coherence and sense of history to witness the process". 1500 kills, similar to Clearlove Uzi’s 200 League victory and other data, spread widely in micro-blog and the network media channels, with 30000 points, Duncan Kobe different approaches but equally satisfactory results of the 1000th victory of milepost.

gaming data analysis involves more complex computing and statistical process, technical background for the statistical support, the overall data structure set up proposed more stringent requirements. In the League of heroes, for example, through the 25 clan level, the data level of the 20 players, play plus events mastered almost all of the data can be extracted from a professional event. The blend of these data, delivery against information for occupation corps, including the global scope of the major marine resource allocation in the game, each team star players in the game style, eye habits etc..