March 15th news today, game broadcast platform, Betta TV announced B round of Tencent led investment financing over one hundred million dollars, at the same time, A round investors Sequoia Capital and capital will continue to invest in nanshan.

after the completion of the financing, Betta TV also reached the depth of strategic cooperation with the Tencent, the two sides will be in the entertainment, culture, sports and other in-depth cooperation. In order to promote the betta, Betta and Tencent depth cooperation, give up a number of first-line mainstream VC a higher valuation of the investment intention. The future, the Tencent will be highly strategic investment in Betta, from the flow of funds, the contribution of copyright cooperation, such as multi angle, first broadcast platform position behind macropodus.

Betta TV data show that the platform reached 15 million active users, the number of monthly active users is 200 million, the maximum number of concurrent reached 4 million, the average live room number more than 2000, the current valuation has more than $1 billion.

for the recent frequent exposure to broadcast platform irregularities, Betta TV said it is actively involved in the preparatory broadcast industry convention, set an example to establish industry model, specification of broadcast industry discipline.


plan for the future, Betta TV said, will go more firmly development diversification, the quality of the broadcast content in 2016, on the basis of the existing broadcast platform to expand the integrated broadcast platform, including game otaku, star of the show, outdoor sports, music, technology, film and television sets, as one of the many hot.