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article on Admin5 today: Toilet website (, the method of this article involves the fact I had to sort out and share, just don’t have the time, today I to see

(1) toilet promotion method: the propaganda method actually do first should be the Shanghai journey, they promote this method by game, he posted four grid small cartoons in Internet cafes in the toilet, the potential of the game player at a convenient time it is easy to see! In particular, they always the four words are slightly higher and slow on the urinal, or are they a stool pool, you at a convenient time, hope to have what spend the boring time, ha ha, comics can be solved exactly! Well, I do a test, I adjust the promotion sub network ( we used this trick

(2): this will promote the use of teachers and teachers try to befriend, let them tell their students that a kind of reason, not that we all know, the spread effect is absolutely unimaginable, now have a computer at home can access the students too much! In addition, you want to promote the site must be healthy ah, or to the scourge of the flowers of the motherland.

more than two ways, I have been in the promotion of the tone of the network when tried, the effect is obvious, it is recommended that we try.