recently I read an interview on a weekly Nandu Wanda Group Mr. Wang Jianlin, although most of the content has been forgotten inside assorted, only remembered Mr. Wang said that "now a lot of O2O cases are not real success stories, also is a big part of the shopping guide mode……"

yes, Mr. Wang said the truth, now a lot of O2O business model is really play a guide role, a network of agents is at best the next line of business only, but if the shopping guide mode can bring consumer convenience for consumers to bring new profit growth point for the next line of business, so why not a successful marketing case


maybe Mr. Wang is not optimistic about this type of O2O is the potential to do shopping guide mode for the promotion of Wanda electricity supplier O2O model of their own, but China except for some relatively large city, and many of the three or four line of the city is not in the Wanda plaza. Even those fortunate enough to get the City Wanda Group favor, have the opportunity to corner in the city construction of Wanda Plaza, Wanda Plaza, but it can radiate the whole city the next line of business


O2O mode, not for those very powerful offline businesses bring opportunities to make money online, but not much more strength, but still have good business prospects of offline businesses a chance to make money.

one, O2O shopping guide model allows more good businesses are consumers to understand and understand

in Guangzhou is a delicacy City, there are many traditional time-honored merchant business area is not large, they have no ambition to expand the market share, but do a hundred years old. "Honestly do neighborhood business" is one of their pet phrase, based on this mentality, let these time-honored has a lot of loyal customers. One is the classic example is one of the three businesses in selling beef offal road construction in Guangzhou, every day only a few hours of business, 10 yuan a box is sold out, even though there are many people who want to buy his home beef offal. But for the quality of products, sell beef offal uncle firmly implement sold out not to sell the business policy, that persisted for 30 years. In fact, in Guangzhou, such as beef offal uncle businesses really a lot, they are more willing to earn their share of the money, but also have everlasting mentality, but O2O’s shopping guide mode enables them to be more consumer awareness and understanding.

two, O2O nearest consumption patterns can become a bridge connecting consumers and businesses

O2O in addition to let us know what is the useful information of their city of idle away in seeking pleasure has another benefit, that can let us the nearest consumption.

1, buy

I know a lot of people have this kind of consumption habit, once they decided not to go home for dinner after work, will use the computer or mobile phone to browse the group purchase website, look near what cheap restaurants, if found suitable immediately after the purchase group purchase coupons, to solve the problem where the diet. < > >