‘s annual "61" children’s Day is coming soon. Reporter survey found that many businesses have seized this important business opportunities, ready to do a good job early, playing a variety of very attractive children’s promotional advertising. In addition to traditional clothing, toys and other industries, children’s Day is gradually attracting more industry, the holiday market potential is gradually developed.

1, the traditional industry Tim new idea

as "51", "mother’s Day", has been good at seizing large stores of holiday promotions, children around the love of "Little Emperors", engaged in children’s clothing, children’s shoes stores have also played a "heart" and "love" brand promotion. In the major stores, in addition to playing children’s songs to create a festive atmosphere 61, children’s clothing, full of $100 minus 61 yuan and other posters can be seen everywhere.

Children’s Day of the supermarkets are important? The merchant said: leading role obviously. The person in charge of the foreign ministry said: "the market stores and some just new holidays, such as: Tomb-sweeping Day compared to the children’s Day promotions, store sales experience more, not only can enrich the activities of the content, effect and run significantly." Sales of children’s day, the store sales manager optimistic that the estimated sales increase 30% over the usual weekend."

may be the biggest winner in children’s day business opportunities. Yesterday, Beijing road in a Asian retail stores, a lot of customers, many parents led the children in the selection of Asian Games souvenirs. One of the store’s sales staff surnamed Chen said, plush toys in the recent sale of the best, some banks and communications companies, and even a one-time buy hundreds of toys to customers as a gift for children. "Refresh sales record." Chen said, is expected to "61" on the same day, the store’s sales will reach 60 thousand yuan, will be two to three times the usual sales.

2, to find the "old"

film market

children’s day, the occasion, the center of the public theater invariably launched a special children’s film. Such as "Magic Baby", "small heroes to rain" "Alvin and the Chipmunks" "Iron Man 2" kids love movie posters is almost all the main, some even to the cinema by the children love the delicacy "mobilization" to find out, ready to play when the festival day. Taking into account the child is a special group, the theater launched a family package, will be a few days before and after the children’s day, part of the theater fare dropped from the original thirty or forty yuan to $ten. In addition, the cinema is also a big promotion, in the festival to see the film will be a gift for children.

wide screen cinema manager Wang said, the children’s day for attendance stimulating effect is obvious. According to his introduction, May is the theater season, attendance is very low, but during the children’s day, the attendance rate will reach 40% to 50%, although the price has decreased, but the increase in traffic will make the overall income growth, coupled with this year’s children’s Day is the weekend, there will be more parents to accompany their children to see the film.