brand definition: the consumer’s subjective impression of the product, and make consumers choose to buy the product.

every strong brand actually represents a group of loyal customers. — "marketing management" Kotler

What is the ultimate goal of

SEO is optimized? Click? Is the flow? Or the resulting order? In my opinion, these are just the novice SEO optimization, or that is in order to optimize the data SEO just to do. Because if you just want to get the data, then you will be the title of user habits and search engine preference led, your content must be rigid plate products or mouth soft advertising. The user is really interested in the content of the site experience, you can not take into account the overall. Even if you take it into account, the priority level will be left behind by you, because you are obscured by the short-term data.

do not know if you remember that each time a large area of Baidu update was K off, the right to drop the site, there is no analysis of the K they have been lost, the reason for the right down. In fact, because their brand effect is not strong enough, not too many of the audience support. In the big update in the security of the site is mostly strong user support, these users trust, want to know more, is their brand. Moreover, if there are a large number of people every day to search the site’s brand word into the site, the search engine will think this is a targeted user groups website. This site is the search engine respected website. As long as a site has a large number of targeted users, search engines will not drop right. Therefore, once the brand has become the key word, in a sense, the site is no longer completely controlled by the search engine. Similarly, the influence caused by economic strife from peers of small lot. After all, the brand word is unique, not competitive. Competition is the target keywords, website promotion brand word is generally no competition.

therefore, it is very important to plan and maintain the brand image in the daily SEO optimization. A brand can not be successful, can not be long and brand values directly linked. Do not ask me how to get the recognition of the audience and sustained attention, it should be the first time you took over the SEO optimization work on the issue. What is the value of the brand? The answer is simple: summary and analysis of the content of the official website and the promotion of information.

official website content is to pass the value of the site. If you do not have a value guide website, is unable to get user acceptance, not to mention the trust of the user. The value guide by the information content value and product display, information content and value of the need for cognition and opinion, content clearly on the industry in line with the user’s psychological, also need long-term update. Such sites can seize the user’s heart, the product is introduced into the order. And regularly updated with the theme of the site related to the value of content, it is a brand