in recent years, with the increasing number of B2B companies began to use account based marketing or sales, which increase sales leads, promote the transformation of the effects brought about by the obvious. You may be wondering why this marketing approach works. In fact, the account strategy can be B2B marketing or sales team to consider all aspects of the sac into which based on extended to better position, most likely to become the user’s account, and establish a close relationship between these accounts and. Account based strategy is not only a customized solution, but also can make use of the basic human emotions and cluster dynamics to promote more effective sales.


called account based strategy, that is, ABS. In recent years, ABS model in the field of foreign B2B has been widely recognized, many ToB companies have joined the army ABS, has been reported earlier in Oracle’s own marketing cloud joined the concept of ABS. However, there is no clear definition of domestic, according to foreign literature, this paper gives the definition of ABS. The so-called ABS, that is, to "account" as a unit to operate the business, and focus on the resources of high-value customers. This theory assumes that there are many participants in the decision-making process of ToB enterprises, except for the final decision maker. ABS is designed to manage all of the participants’ behavior in an account, which affects the decision maker at each stage of the purchase decision, leading to the final purchase. At the same time, ABS can provide customized solutions based on industry, company size, revenue, geographical or other parameters. (this definition is for reference only, please correct me)

account based marketing has flourished over the past two years, largely because of the ability of technology to automate the process of decision makers. Once an enterprise uses an account based strategy, each buyer will feel that the entire sales process is tailored for them.


B2B sales representatives also want to care, stand in the customer perspective. The success of the account based strategy usually from the emotional point of view, to achieve emotional resonance for the formation of the buyer’s portrait, to understand their motives and pain point is essential.

also has the industry experts from account based marketing why work view: first, through targeted strategies to reach the most appropriate audience, based on the account of marketing is not a silly wait for the right people natural inflow, but through the targeted strategy to allow enterprises to contact the most suitable crowd."

and B2B are closely related to the purchase purchase within the organization, in this regard, account based on marketing and sales will have a pretty convincing case. Account based strategy: general guideline & core idea

‘s carefully crafted account based strategy often has some basic features: account based strategies are often based on the ability to generate a large number of supporting principles within the enterprise