1 program design

site location: Chengdu University, a second-hand goods trading exchange market free of charge for college students in Chengdu, mainly with books trading, bicycles, computer, mobile phone and other types of goods trading. The name for the transaction, as the city is the essence of transaction is to provide an online social platform for students, so that it could be through books and other goods transactions, carry out social activities in the school or school. This is a prominent feature in the promotion.

: feasibility analysis at home and do well in this aspect of the website of campus network, through the analysis of its website, it deals with social oriented, supplemented by, for the country, but the transaction did not focus on books, such as the issue, and to narrow the scope to Chengdu City College, strong dragon does not pressure to bow, feasibility according to the market investigation and.

related technical problems: the common website, there is no special difficult technical problems, but now our level is not enough, we are not garbage station before copying collection.

scheme: way of campus promotion I think there distribute leaflets school TV School website, home page posters around the school Cafe sponsored some football game of Warcraft StarCraft campaign if you can you can also to a senior status speech… The main use of students to do publicity.

implementation cycle: 1 weeks

implementation costs: time and effort

profit model: the following will be specifically mentioned here do not specify.

2 Market Research

survey method: firstly, we have the conditions of investigation, to find a few people to form or directly to the students for advice, if necessary, we have some conditions such as optional Sichuan or some people’s understanding of the school market survey.

implementation difficulty: Electronic department I think it is not difficult, other schools, the same can be investigated through questionnaires and other forms of

: the number of copies of questionnaire to implement cost calculation, each B5 paper was 0.5 yuan fee (perhaps it is divided into two pieces, may be sponsored by Zhicheng company… I do this thing on the unit is no problem, but if you come up with a high cost of delivery… Then maybe one laptop per investigator, in the form of electronic documents… To fill in the questionnaire to 0.5 yuan to complete the survey, the questionnaire to spend up to $500, looking for honest and reliable students, put an end to a person or a large number of people to fill out a questionnaire to cheat


implementation cycle: 3 days

3 operations ready

web site should have the basic functions: release transaction information, release show in imitation of taobao.com, publish and display only provide transaction information, transaction details completed by the user; the site category divided home digital book market around >