people rely on clothes, the Buddha by gold, the Internet website? In fact a performance in the Internet site is also the image of the enterprise, team and individual website, good is not only the website ranking, more is to look at the packaging website, the healthy development of the packaging is not only reasonable to promote the website on the web site, to attract more users to enter, the user clicks on the higher frequency of love on behalf of the user of your site, this time the site to achieve leaps and bounds is not a dream, so webmaster friends how to reasonably carry out the packaging on the


is the first to design the domain name of the website, the domain name is the first image of the site of packaging, the same site, the same content as the domain name of different development road will be not the same, we give a very simple example: if your domain name is long, and not the com suffix, the domain name ranking is true may be the first, but the user will recognize your website? Users may first click on your website, but in the next time you want to enter the website but do not remember your website, this website will suffer. The opposite is if your domain name in accordance with the needs of users, such as users to buy shoes, then a domain user’s mind is certainly xiezi+com trend, if your domain name is this, perhaps now your website is not very high, but I believe that users will recognize your website, because your domain name for users to remember more easy, but many users in the search will search pinyin "Xiezi", so that your website is the first user of natural fancy packaging website is done.

next to the site of the whole page packaging, the user enters the website, what to take to attract more users click, it can only rely on the design effect of the page, under the general conditions of page design as long as the following points is no big problem:

, 1 page picture ads don’t cover the text, whether it is large or small website website picture advertisements website, we can not deny it, but also did not agree with, ask the user even columns are the invisible website can have a good impression of


2, the global collocation is reasonable, is not only the global collocation color collocation, also includes the function of development factors, if you are a person, I suggest you go to download free mature program to help you build, because personal energy is limited, not to pass, although the free program will not affect the ordinary but at least user experience.

3, designed to meet the industry characteristics, different website design industry will not be the same, such as the famous Wuliangye group company website, is a big glass web design, this is the characteristics of the industry affects the website design, we do the design in time is the same, must consider the characteristics of the industry, the industry the elements into the site’s home page design, so as to attract more eyeballs.

finally we don’t forget the soft power of the website when we are packing the website