is nowadays a hot social product, while the WeChat marketing is the webmaster of the hands of the meat and potatoes. How to promote the role of WeChat marketing to the extreme, I believe there must be a lot of heart in the hearts of the owners want to know the answer to the question. So for WeChat marketing how to play


think about what good things you can do to your friends

in fact, the use of friends to do business, or publish advertising information, this model does not believe that a few people, and most of the friends of WeChat are not real friends. Others want to buy your product, then have to ask yourself yourself to what they offer, or provide valuable information, or really like-minded, or to help a friend to do something. The only way to win friends with progress to establish good relations, then the way to sell their products or services, but also do not want so many utilitarian, know a friend is not what a bad thing, as for friends to buy your account, you have to see how you are. Not sincere to his friends and WeChat set up a friend, then I think it is very difficult to be recognized, but there are too many WeChat friends, it can only communicate in combination with other platforms, such as QQ and micro-blog.

with a new way to re operate WeChat marketing.


marketing at this stage is different from the ordinary product promotion, it plainly is a circle of friends based on the relationship between the development of the link, you do promotion and marketing in this circle, to know what users want more than other platforms. Perhaps before relying on number of fans meager savings, we can also use the exposure for some volume, but in WeChat, these are not so, if push and pull the black people report will be blind, so for the marketing circle of friends, I adhere to two principles: the technique innovation and user defined. The way, I think we all know, the circle of friends is a place of exchange, the use of non conventional means of promotion will obviously be more compelling, as if the United States took first promotion, through video sharing to promote users to download for the user, we are more clear, easy to understand, it is compared to other products. For the user attributes of the WeChat circle of friends we have to do it by heart, in other words, for promotion of our users to know their income level, gender, hobbies and other basic features, do precise marketing on the basis of it, because in the current environment, information flow must be reasonable utilization.

watch user, know the key where it comes from.

marketing to watch users, I think everyone knows the truth, but truly is less and less. Because in the eyes of many people, as long as there is a fan base, then do business and promotion is no longer difficult. This may be formed on other platforms such as micro-blog, but WeChat may not be able to. The reason is not previously said, WeChat and micro-blog is not the same, WeChat’s circle of friends more intimate and detailed relationship. In this more sensitive circle, the message you push is