Abstract: to achieve the ultimate, you will see a blue ocean, otherwise you will swim into the Red Sea, a sea of blood. If it can’t control their blood, is a dead end. We do not need to burn the way to prove their own stupid, do the data to investors, and then get financing.

2014-2015, is Chinese maternal industry burgeoned years.

this year, the same is the honey bud period of rapid development of financing: 4 times within 2 years, the staff expanded from the first 8 persons to 900 people, 2015 GMV increased 15 times over 2 billion 500 million yuan, the rapid growth of a $1 billion valuation of enterprises. We are also fortunate to be the industry as China’s fastest growing industry in the maternal and child industry".

perhaps, a lot of people think that this success stems from the lucky, because the honey bud to catch up with the mother and child electricity supplier and cross-border electricity supplier double tuyere, but in my opinion, perhaps this success is more due to adhere to. Although, in the eyes of others, my identity is the founder and CEO of honey bud, but at the same time I am also a wife, a mother. From this point of view, the lifting of Chinese mothers’ parenting anxiety, is the honey bud and my mind and stick to. As in the movie "Mars rescue" in the line: adhere to the necessities, insist on doing is a luxury.

do far better than finding the actual

March 2014, honey bud formally launched, then the company only me and 7 other employees. Month GMV1200 million, more than twice as much as expected.

in October 2015, the company and the atmosphere of jubilation intertwined, this day is the anniversary of the birth of honey bud, but also in 2015 to promote the beginning of the night. The administrative office early on in the most conspicuous place set up a red drum sales — every 10 million, I will personally go into battle drums to cheer. During the anniversary, we in Beijing, Chongqing, Ningbo and overseas team spent a sleepless night. Three days to promote, creating a new record of orders of 1 million 800 thousand single. Ten days after the double eleven, we also produce a beautiful answer, GMV is 7 times the same period last year. This year, the user brings us one after another surprise, each order has become the driving force for us to adhere to.

in 2016, can honey bud create more miracles?. Known as the "double outlet fast company" name, will not stop, honey bud can not stop, can not stop. The air outlet is not always, for entrepreneurs, and understand what you want to do, and to recognize what you are good at matching, far more practical than finding the misty air.

honey bud has entered the arena of China’s electricity supplier

honey bud can be achieved today, first of all to thank one person, is it real fund founder Xu Xiaoping. Honey bud Angel round and A round of financing, are completed under the help of teacher xu.

2013, I found Xu Xiaoping, when the capital market is far from hot. Xu Xiaoping said he was going to vote for me