network event marketing planning and operation is how we are more interested in the topic, the topic of today’s network environment is the most popular, we how to plan the event marketing? What is the event marketing? We can put the event marketing understanding is through the grasp of the news law, manufacture of newsworthy events, and through the operation, let the news spread, so as to achieve the effect of advertising. Liu Yu on the next to share with you my understanding of the enterprise event marketing, we want to help in the planning and operation of event marketing.

Advantages and disadvantages of

event marketing to enterprises:

so, let’s talk about the benefits of network event marketing to enterprises. First of all, can quickly enhance brand awareness. Another brand and the organic combination of events, and help to enhance brand reputation. And through the binding of hot events, to carry out social marketing, is conducive to shaping the public image of the enterprise. There is a good side will certainly have drawbacks, so our enterprises how to prevent it? We can prepare for Liu Yu began some summarize, is some enterprise network event I summed up the taboo: 1, a, 2, confuse right and wrong, planted stolen framed, confuse right and wrong, resort to deceit derivative 3, scandal the eye, the moral bottom line, blindly follow the trend. These events will lead to the direct consequences of the majority of Internet users search, what you call the truth of the incident will be seen through internet. Because the event marketing has a large audience characteristics is the constant pursuit of new things, new things have strong curiosity and interest, not to love things to remain in a proper sphere. As can be imagined so we will shoot yourself in the foot, and will cause the court of society. The most serious will affect the credibility of enterprises, and even ruin. The above situation, Liu Yu with a little advice for everyone, as long as you remember this one will avoid the above problems: you planned event marketing must revolve around the public interest, innovative planning ideas, build communication issues, timely control and guide the direction of propagation. Then you’re half done.

enterprises in the event marketing process, we must pay attention to risk control. Yu summed up the following 10, please remember.

1, event marketing can not violate national laws and regulations.

2, event marketing can not reduce the grade of the brand.

3, event marketing cannot destroy the brand reputation.

4, event marketing can not be inconsistent with the actual situation. (trust crisis)

5, event marketing should have contingency plans.

6, event marketing should consider the specific environment.

7, event marketing should comply with local cultural customs.

8, the event marketing in each link should be accurately assigned.

9, there should be a special person to do the work of media public relations.