keyword selection is indeed a special head problem, which is directly related to the degree of localization of a web site, positioning the wrong words, often causing the site to get ideal traffic and users, I also wrote about the choice of keywords in the earlier (novice webmaster from determining the keyword with, we can refer to. Here entered ^_^

when we choose a series of phrases at the can use tools to detect, some tools online is really very good use, I think there are a few good tools should be on hand. We do website optimization ^_^ (these tools to the SEO website and the forum can be downloaded to, of course) if you do not use the tools you can use the search engine to realize some functions, this look at everyone’s good habits. We have to use the tools must be used to detect the frequency of keywords, and in the past 24 hours, the number of major search engines on the number of people who use these keywords in the search. The best keywords are those that are not abused and very popular.

stand in the user’s point of view:

no matter when and where not to think of myself as a webmaster, you imagine you are a potential customer to use what keywords in the search for your things? It can get feedback from a variety of sources, including from your customers, suppliers, brand managers and sales staff there had the idea.

extends the keywords into a series of phrases:

you can put your keywords at different angles at extended out, we selected SEO as the key words, but in different perspectives, seo–seo research techniques – what is the seo–seo of —seo data and so on. Another trick is to use a rare combination. The effective keyword index (Keyword EffectivenessIndex:KEI) will tell you the number of keywords used in the database and the number of competing web pages. Look for keywords that might work on your web page. The higher the KEI value, the more popular the word is, and less competition. KEI to 100 points on the good, more than 400 points can be described as excellent. Note that you can only use keywords that describe your product.

multiple permutations and combinations:

change the word order of phrases to create different combinations of words. Use infrequently used combinations. Combined into a question. Contains synonyms, substitute words, words and common words. Contains the brand name and product name to sell products. The use of other determiners to create more word combinations, three words, four words together. Example: our main keyword is a computer, which launched a laptop – watch computer – intelligent computer – the computer market – Watch smart computer – laptop market, etc.. Keywords >