[website promotion series] to create keywords, so that your site traffic steadily soared

"let the website flow steadily soaring cheats" published by the majority of users attention, I hope I can think of the specific details of the "

" of the popular keyword

methods and procedures. Review of website promotion groundless talk, there are successes and failures, serious summary, writing this article, I hope to inspire you.

all week, the site’s traffic mainly from the three part,

The first part of the

, is the site of the repeat customer, is the customer feel your site by browsing the value of the collection;

The second part

is a lot of outreach, including Links and RSS;

third part refers to the search engine. There is no search engine to bring traffic to the site is unthinkable.

here focuses on the third part, is to create a strong site keywords, search engines to make your site traffic steadily rising!

to create keywords in general is divided into the following steps

is the first choice of keywords. Since it is to promote keywords, then select the key word is the most critical, the success or failure of the keyword selection, directly affect the success or failure of your strong build. Selection criteria:

first, look at the search index and search from Baidu index.

to find the target keywords, in general, the best long keywords, search control in 3000-5000. For example, I chose the "company", when you search for "search engine company" in GOOGLE, you will see the page title as "energy-saving (photo) – project". The main purpose of choosing such key words is that the degree of competition in these long key words is not very high, which is conducive to give full play to their subjective initiative and make use of their own strengths to make up for their deficiencies. On this page

keyword, every day can bring a considerable number of stable flow, practice has proved that as long as these can be done, both a web page can also bring us a lot of traffic.

second, it is best to choose a more lasting keywords.

I do not advocate the use of instant flow of keywords, after all, to create a keyword time-consuming.

third, try not to use the most popular keywords.

such as QQ, human art and other key words, search volume is tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of popular keywords, regardless of his key links or his visit, etc.. I have done the related experiment, to create the words "body art", you can go to the Baidu input "body art" of the keyword search to see, I pour to create several months of "body art > "