in accordance with Suning’s plan, Ping Jing campaign at least 3 years.


source: Vision China

Suning on Jingdong’s "Ping Jing campaign" continues.

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Suning announced twelve transcripts, online and offline sales rose 152%. Online which grew by 256%, the proportion of mobile terminal orders accounted for the proportion of the total order of 73%. Online, Beijing, Nanjing and other places Suning store average traffic exceeding 10000 people.

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industry to double 12 degree of concern is far lower than the double eleven, but for Su Ning, twelve is following the double eleven after the "pacification" of Jingdong the second quarter of the first wave of attacks, then there will be the second quarter of second and third waves……

Jingdong online has never been profitable, and now we do not give them the opportunity to raise prices." Days ago, Suning COO Hou Enlong said in an interview, from December 18th -12 month 26 days, Suning plans to use a line under their own advantages to outflank the Jingdong.

specific approach is still dominated by the price war, air conditioning, ice wash, black electric, digital, communications, household appliances and computer products selling goods directly on Jingdong. To the refrigerator as an example, a certain brand of refrigerator in the store sales price than the original 1410 yuan lower than the Jingdong, if sold high price will drop 110 yuan, to ensure that the store price is lower than the business platform.

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adhere to low resolution, twelve before the company’s 3 mining sales charge because of the price undertaking ineffective implementation was punished.

a Suning internal OA issued a screenshot shows that the person responsible for the sale of the penalty from communications, black and OA Office of the 3 division. The article said that after the promotion of the eleven major activities of the end of the individual business units have been relaxed, the above responsible for the acquisition of the relevant categories of several people in charge of several more than the low price of the red line, and therefore decided to launch a serious notification processing three. The so-called more than cheap red line, referring to the goal is not to achieve lower than Jingdong.

at the end of the year in the big promotion, Suning said it will continue through the Ping Jing radar continuous monitoring of goods, logistics, service prices, for those who do not meet the person in charge of the level will increase the intensity of treatment. In October 18th, Suning launched the "Beijing campaign" announced price comprehensive benchmarking Jingdong, then the double eleven period, specially launched "real-time monitoring of commodity prices Beijing radar.

stores, Suning layout mainly concentrated in the one or two city shopping center and the central business district, the future plans to open new stores will also carry on the cloud, Internet transformation and upgrade of the stores. The company hopes to improve and enhance the image and function of the store under the line to attract more people into the store consumption.

these stores also assume the functions of regional logistics distribution. For example, Suning now offers a 2 hour rush