[Abstract] different from other completely user oriented takeaway platform, easy Amoy current model can be summarized as B2B2C.

Tencent Technology (Tao Ran) September 17th news, food takeaway service platform easy Amoy food today announced that B round of $20 million financing. This round of financing by new hope industry fund (welfare investment led). Easy Amoy food, said the current funds have been credited to the account.

July 2013, easy Amoy food access to investment institutions such as highland capital $6 million round of financing A. In November of that year, easy Amoy food and then get $4 million additional capital plateau. Easy Amoy food A round of $10 million financing.

is different from other completely user oriented takeaway platform, easy Amoy food current model can be summarized as B2B2C: the face of the B end of the food and beverage business products have poly network and E generation. Poly network customers mainly catering businesses to provide Internet marketing solutions: including the establishment of online direct marketing system and distribution system, as well as business background management system. E send mainly through its own logistics system easy Amoy send, send, Shanghai fun live delicacy feed Jie, and other Crowdsourcing distribution system, distribution provides outsourcing services for the restaurant meal. The C end user products for easy Amoy food, mainly to provide users with online takeaway ordering, order sets a la carte services.

CEO, the easy Amoy food founder Zhang Yang had to share in the Tencent of re-conference science and Technology Forum, "to put the brand bigger businesses, the future trend is the platform and direct marketing, direct sales network platform for the establishment of their own. The small business is more suitable for cooperation with third party network platform to find more entrance, because the establishment of their own network platform to spend a lot of effort and cost to maintain".

according to the disclosure of easy Amoy food, the company currently has more than 20 national food and beverage companies in Beijing set up a partnership with the end of the year by the end of 25000, plans to line up the chain of food and beverage stores in the group of 2014.