Beijing October 18 Xinhua reporter learned from the state Internet information office network news Coordination Bureau, posing as a female soldier netizen "Ren Jie" has been seized by the public security organs of the parties, Ren Moumou sentenced to administrative detention for 5 days punishment according to law. National Internet information office network news Coordination Bureau has ordered the cancellation of the Tencent network account, and the failure of the Tencent to fulfill the user’s real identity information certification responsibilities criticized.

it is understood that the netizen "Ren Jie" in registered micro blog account, claiming to be the "special brigade commander", "Beijing military leadership, and a daughter out military officer and military uniform photos, often with military identity on the net chatting, some netizens questioned and triggered a crowd. By the armed forces and local public security organs, to confirm the "Ren Jie" online photo shows the forged military officer, identified "Ren Jie" real name is Ren Moumou Internet sites in Gansu, Lanzhou, and Ren Moumou seized, confiscated fake uniforms, 2 sets of military rank insignia of more than 10 pieces of mobile phone, computer, etc. electronic equipment fixed the relevant electronic evidence extraction from the internet. According to Ren Moumou confession, to attract users attention, she made up her own are the leaders of the Beijing military region and, at a site on uniforms, and spent 180 yuan of money to make a fake military officer. The local public security organs of Ren Moumou were admonished education, and impose administrative detention punishment. As I make introspection to his behavior, and a statement of repentance.

National Internet information office network news Coordination Bureau responsible person said, never allow any people in the online fake government agencies, military, media and others are registered in the name of the micro blog account, once discovered, immediately dealt with according to law. Since March this year, the Department of Internet information content has been investigated and dealt with all kinds of counterfeit identity of the micro blog account more than 6 thousand, for serious cases, the relevant departments have been held accountable according to law. The official stressed that the website must strengthen management, not laissez faire, indulge people registered with false identity on the net of disinformation swindle management responsibility is not implemented, the website will be punished according to the law, will not be tolerated. National Internet Information Office will continue to work with relevant departments to increase the number of online fake identity of the rectification efforts to investigate and deal with the spread of false information on the internet acts, and welcome the public supervision and reporting.