now the Internet to the stock market, people are gonna want a share, overnight overnight and meet the eye everywhere.
      originally ambition this year rose, want to open a station, so that I can enjoy the process, but recently learned about the Internet, I did not go in. I estimate that about one or two years later, the number of owners will gradually reduce, this may be an integration of it.

      but I have signed up, as long as this period of time past, I will be on the waiting list, perhaps this is a shortcut to success. I have unlimited creativity and ideas, but now too messy, cause everyone wants to launch a website. Only the domain name registrar is behind the push, their propaganda is how to get rich overnight, but did not say some burn on the Internet, they also have a lot of ah, but why don’t you think yourself?!

      strongly suggest that rice farmers don’t fry the domain name, also a clean Internet, you hoard so much domain name, is it really so profitable?

      I strongly suggest not to buy the domain name, let minon dead loss, so that their annual renewals are better than tens of thousands, as long as we do not buy, where they will invest down ah.

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