1 Taobao mobile phone business, said the rumor shielding inconstant in policy

Taobao every decree promulgated, will make the business state of extreme nervousness. deeply.

July 1st news, according to informed, according to the previous screen mobile phone number that buyers (see "Taobao mobile phone number: the seller may shield buyers lost user data link", Taobao http://s.www.ebrun.com/20140628/102928.shtml) yesterday evening announced again, said the rumor is not true. However, did not give the final approach to Taobao, which also makes part of the business is still on tenterhooks.

according to Taobao’s latest statement, said only the buyers will not simply shield mobile phone number, whether it will eventually cut off contact between buyers and sellers, and how to better the user data to businesses, is not clear.

2 red flag to 18 million "to challenge Microsoft system or a history of  


red flag struggling to make new progress.

June 27th, the red flag announced that the company intends to open the way to transfer all registered trademarks of the company, all software copyrights and other assets, the assets of the reserve price of 18 million yuan.

domestic operating system vendors in the red flag has begun the process of asset sales. 18 million yuan is precisely the sum of the total wage arrears in the red flag.

in June 30th, said the red flag Marketing Manager Fan Hongguang accepted the twenty-first Century economic report interview: "18 million yuan just court auction price, bidding auction results may have two kinds, one is not for 18 million yuan bid, two is equal to or greater than the sale price of 18 million yuan." Fan Hongguang has left the red flag last year, in a software company.

3 electricity supplier training area: master teaching chaos after another day of 100 thousand

this year, and people do not talk about Internet thinking, are embarrassed to open mouth.

grassroots entrepreneurs and traditional business owners are shrouded in anxiety disorders in the Internet, and many look professional, but business experience for training institutions took the opportunity to serve as a mentor, zero doctor’s role in imparting the so-called experience, strategy and coveted trainees pocketbook. Some training institutions even without integrity forged Ma Huateng and other Internet heavyweights of his message, to pull popularity for themselves.

"master" charges 100 thousand

a day

some companies to do the traditional training of the company has taken advantage of the business focus on the electricity supplier training and consulting, because the eyes down the fastest money.


"hot real estate, so the real estate marketing training, micro-blog WeChat electric heat up, and turned around. There are some so-called masters that are not even related