Guangxi, Nanning, an unemployed man rented a server in the United States to open pornographic websites, more than two years to attract 120 thousand people registered, profit from more than 4 yuan. 16, 2009, Nanning Jiangnan District People’s Procuratorate on suspicion of the crime of spreading pornographic materials for the man legally approved the arrest.

      October 2004, Nanning City District Liu town 25 year old man Liu Fenghe opened a pornographic website (online name for "secret garden"), dissemination of pornographic content, opened more than two years it attracted 120 thousand registered users, including the payment of the "VIP" of more than 300 people have received membership fee "a total of RMB 4 yuan. The main contents of the website is the adult pornographic pictures, television and children pornographic pictures and film and television, there are pictures and video post more than 30 thousand, and provide children pornographic pictures and video download.

      in June this year, Liu Fenghe was arrested on suspicion of dissemination of pornographic materials by the Nanning Municipal Public Security Bureau of criminal detention. Nanning City Public Security Bureau experts concluded that the "secret garden" site has a large number of pictures, video files depict sexual content, explicit pornographic movie aired, "according to the National People’s Congress on punishing smuggling, production, trafficking, dissemination of pornographic materials criminals" and the General Administration of press and publication "on the identification of pornographic and pornographic publications of the Interim Provisions", which belongs to the obscene articles.

      Liu Fenghe account, in October 2004, he used other pornographic web servers in the United States opened the porn site Baidu entertainment network "; in October 2005, he will" Baidu entertainment network "reorganizes later renamed the" secret garden "," secret garden "the entire site to rent a server in the United States the rental fee is $147 a month for the server. Because the site server is in the United States, he is usually through personal computer remote landing site maintenance.

      prosecutors believe that Liu Fenghe’s behavior has violated the provisions of the criminal law, alleged dissemination of pornographic materials for profit, according to the law approved the arrest.