With the development of globalization and information technology,

has been widely used. The problem is that the phenomenon of excessive use of foreign words is becoming more and more serious, even stately appearance in formal publications and official documents, causing public discontent. April 11th edition published "the abuse of foreign words, no!", this phenomenon has been reported. The publication of the report sparked heated debate, especially resonate language workers. So, what are the reasons for abuse of foreign language, and what measures should be addressed?.

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foreign words frequently appear excessive

affect communication harm Chinese purity

uses an open source platform based on OpenEdX, developed a HTML5 video player, no longer rely on foreign courses to play the preferred YouTube, to solve the problem of domestic users can not access to foreign edX platform."

similar expressions, now in newspapers and other publications in common. WiFi, CEO, MBA, CBD, VIP, PM2.5, a large number of foreign words without translation will appear in newspapers, and even appeared in some serious academic journals.

, however, such a zero translation, I do not know how many readers can understand?

experts said, "zero translation" of foreign words, not only undermines the orderly and harmonious Chinese language, influence Chinese ideographic function, so that the context from the deep level, reduced to fragments, dispels the China profound culture and rich connotation.

why NOKIA Motorola can be translated into Chinese characters, while iPhone and iPad are not translated? English vocabulary to absorb Chinese spelling, why Chinese are mixed with a lot of English? Chinese loanwords for purity and health damage in the end how much


face the ubiquitous presence of foreign language, many people can not help but issue such a question.


cultural deficit leads to abuse of foreign language

lack of talent to make zero translation prevalent

"this is about western culture with a strong, in the past 100 years, the western culture China input, output China less." Professor Wu Bo, Professor of English at China Foreign Affairs University, in the context of globalization, international exchanges become more frequent, the chance of exposure to foreign language naturally increased, the love of new things, easy to attract people to use foreign language.

The chief expert committee of experts of the inter ministerial joint meeting of

foreign language translation Chinese Xia Jixuan holds a similar view, "since the reform and opening up, especially in the beginning of reform and opening up, some people blindly worship the west, free use of foreign words to show their knowledge and cultural level is high, which also aggravated the spread of foreign words." In addition, some professional technology, medical vocabulary, a little while to find the corresponding word, and anxious to use, the >