renamed China ( November 22nd hearing, held by the digital domain domain name investors and sub, recently in five the price of the completion of the transaction, buyers of the terminal.


: digital domain name

customer service number domain name, read catchy, easy to remember, suitable for a wide range of websites. It is understood that the domain name buyers or for China car rental, buy the domain name is to build a brother company, or build on behalf of driving business website. In the previous 18 days from overseas buyers after the purchase of, also contacted the war, in five the price to buy the domain name.CN. In addition, the buyer also acquired the customer service number 10101111, and is about to enable the corresponding customer service number.

It is reported that

, the buyer holds a total of more than and 100 sub station hands of a domain name, prior to 2012, he had a fifth the price of the acquisition of "Tibet tourism", this year with four of the price will be into the bag. According to him, the establishment of Tibet tourism website has been his dream.