renamed China ( December 8th hearing, according to the domain name Forum ( users broke the news, in the domestic domain name market, domain name frequently trading case, the day before and "Geng", ", editor of", "" carambola "emergency" a number of domain name transaction.

broke the news that investors buy Zhanshanweiwang Larry domain, "emergency" in the acquisition after less than 24 hours, which was again sold, buyers of Zhong Jianfeng. The editor of the domain name is the domain name of the investor to invest in coffee sold, the entire transaction process is very fast, not more than 15 minutes,


name "Geng" spell domain name is domain name investors @ bear Cheng bought in October, less than two months, the domain name is trading again, the specific amount of the transaction is not clear of the domain name. However, after the, and other surnames single spell domain auction, had shot a good price of 6 digits.



: carambola

domain name, catchy fruit and without restriction site for having heard it many times, let its become investors and terminal heart good. In the "grape", "," Yangmei "lime" have been trading, "carambola" has also quietly changed hands, but is the fruit of the domain name, otherwise "foreign Amoy" means the is also very suitable to build hot sea Amoy website.

also broke the news also said that the famous calligrapher Huai Su domain has recently been a company with 6 digit price when purchased, the company acquired and together. Investors sold the "prairie" end, Larry domain