has been broadcast network video industry as the "catfish", "dark horse". However, with its jurisprudence was investigated, all this will be changed. Like other areas of the Internet, the network video industry may also be solidified as the dominant BAT three pattern.

from 2005 56 online line so far, China’s online video industry has gone through nearly ten years of history. In the meantime, experienced a brutal battle of life and death, growth, copyright capital integration, giant stake stage, a video site from the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, hundreds of reduced to single digits.

barbaric growth

2005, China ushered in the era of broadband Internet, Internet users more than 100 million. With the development of streaming media technology, network video is also rising in the world. In this context, the domestic video sites have sprung up.

January 2005, the Bertelsmann group business development director and Bertelsmann online China CEO Wang Wei resignation of the founder of the podcast website tudou.com; in April of the same year, NetEase has successfully operated the mailbox Zhou Juan left the NetEase, founded the original video sharing web site 56; thereafter, PPS and PPTV two video software; in November of the same year, Sohu president and chief coo Koo founded a network; in 2006, the video sharing site Youku (19.42,0.38, 2%) online; former Sohu executives Li Shanyou also resigned founded Cool 6 network.

wave of this wave, so that after the video text, pictures, has become China’s Internet users and a major network lifestyle.

, however, barbaric growth so that the industry quickly into chaos, the state had to issue a video license to combat piracy and other initiatives to manage the industry, the industry as a whole is a positive guide.

at the end of 2007, the provisions of the State Administration of radio, all institutions engaged in video upload, share and programming on the Internet must first receive the "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit", otherwise it will be canceled qualification.

at this stage, some companies came, some companies fell, which became the first turning point in the video industry milestone. "Many websites fall is not entirely because of the license, the video is a heavy asset industry requires not only technology, bandwidth investment is very large, you are very good, but when the user, you can support stability." A video industry insiders told the national financial weekly reporter, China has long been a video site, but because of piracy, pornography and other reasons, can not make money in the sun.

copyright wars

as competition intensifies, anti piracy has become more and more competition between the video site killer-x.

since the genuine video industry, video website copyright battle has never stopped, a set of hit prices ranging from several million to several hundred thousand yuan, even in 2011 hit a price of 1 million yuan for the next episode. >