1 Wangfujing department store electricity supplier platform on the line: commodity prices and the store is quite

with the traditional brand enterprises involved in e-commerce industry, traditional department stores have frequent contacts. There are new China’s first shop, the name of the Wangfujing Department Store Group announced yesterday that its huge sums of money to build a formal operation of the electricity supplier platform.

reporter yesterday to log on to the mall to see the Wangfujing, the site has on-line beauty, men and women clothing, shoes, jewelry, jewelry accessories, outdoor sports, home life and other categories. Daily economic news reporter noted that the sale of goods in the Wangfujing mall and the store has some overlap, the price is basically the same. Currently, the Wangfujing launched a full court orders free shipping policy of $399.

it is understood that the Wangfujing online shopping mall is an important strategic planning department of Wangfujing department store group, the initial investment of one hundred million yuan. In early 2007, Wangfujing department store will actively explore online business, shopping mall, Guangzhou Wangfujing in Beijing, Wangfujing Changsha as a pilot, at the beginning of 2012, the Group officially formed the independent operation team to force electricity suppliers. Wangfujing said that in the next five years, the company will be based on the existing e-commerce platform, and actively explore the new combination of online and offline retail and marketing model.

2 Taobao push virtual supermarket buy convenience or impact Shop No. 1

January 14th, located in FMCG sales of life platform Taobao purchase convenience (24.taobao.com) formally launched, the first choice in Beijing, Hangzhou to carry out trial operation. The local people can stay at home to buy the supermarket supplies, and can enjoy 24 hours door-to-door.


Taobao push virtual supermarket buy convenience or impact 1 shop

3 Sina big grassroots V yesterday evening was not a friend

18-21 yesterday, micro-blog has been widely popular, the number of fans are up to tens of millions of grassroots big V @ joke "and" @ micro-blog funny list ", once the search display user does not exist, so that the netizen suspects these accounts have been destroyed. 21, after the account has been updated. Southern Metropolis Daily reporter last night to contact Sina PR department to solve, the other side has not responded.


Sina micro-blog grassroots big V was closed yesterday evening, a different attitude

Good music to buy the

4 message to stop navigation advertising traffic continues to decline

January 15th news, informed sources revealed to billion state power network, good music to buy Footwear B2C website has recently stopped navigation website advertising, website traffic directly lead to sharp decline.

, according to informed sources told billion state power network, good music to buy has recently dropped most of the mainstream navigation website advertising. Login hao123, 360, 2345>