lead: 22, the company opened a new domain name mi.com, allegedly paid about 20 million yuan. 2013, there are 4 electricity supplier to replace the domain name: Jingdong, vip.com, Yi Xun, shop No. 1, are expensive

millet company in April 22nd to enable the new domain name mi.com, the original domain name xiaomi.com has jumped to mi.com. Millet technology CEO Lei Jun said micro-blog domain name is to adapt to change millet internationalization strategy, Chinese estimate considered the most expensive domain name". It is said that millet to buy this domain name paid $3 million 600 thousand, about $20 million.

2013, 4 business to replace the domain name: Jingdong will be the original 360buy.com into jd.com; vip.com will change the domain name from vipshop.com to vip.com, it is claimed that both companies for the purchase of new domain have to pay thousands of yuan; fast and easy to change from 51buy.com to yixun.com; one store will update for yhd.com yihaodian.com.


Internet domain name for the corporate brand, plays a very important role, good domain name easy to remember, catchy, well grafted corporate brand image, you can save a lot of advertising and promotion expenses each year for the enterprise, so many enterprises to spend lots of money to purchase the domain name, the domain name change. Those quite eye, to seize the initiative in the domain of investors also earn Chinese in 20 years of Internet tide pours. Here we count the successful investment domain name for your players:

1 Cai Wensheng

Cai Wensheng is the domain name investment China king, anecdotal he has about one hundred thousand Internet domain name, the total valuation of more than $100 million of its own domain name involved in all walks of life. Cai Wensheng began to surf the Internet in 2000, bought the first computer, in June 12, 2000 registered the first domain name, called yikatong.com, he also registered a lot of domain names, but no one has been waiting for a year to buy.

By the end of 2000,

was almost ready to give up. Then one day, he checked a domain name, according to Cai recalls, it should be lijiang.com, he found but can not register. He also found that the domain name has expired 5 days. Cai Wensheng learned that the original domain name can be released to re register. He then slowly built a library, write down all the famous trademarks, well-known city Chinese, he saw the white cat, black cat these brands on down on TV at the time, to see whether the registration. So he slowly build a library, a list of product more, check what time expires, slowly know what time registered.

When he started

registered in December 2000, and later was a very important thing, Cai Wensheng in a speech recalled: "in February 2001, between China and the US submarine cable is broken, I will not rush registration day >