2002 I came into contact with the Internet, I was less than 16 years old, my father spent 1500 yuan (which is 1500 yuan to sell two pigs, to put together!) I bought a second-hand computer!

      Xiangqilaijiu sad, here can’t help to recall the past! When I was born, the family was poor, my first memory is the mother in the slaughter of ragweed, I climbed on her back and said: "Mom, I’m hungry". Home is not what, mom listened to immediately go to give me a bowl of cold Rice porridge! This is my earliest memory!
      later my parents worked to earn a little money and began to do business! When nine year of business is still relatively good do earn one hundred thousand dollars, I made three storey house (at the time of our local more money.)!

      Feng Shui turns to a little right, after the parents because too honest! Do business frustrated, lose very badly! To be poor again (until now)!

      in 2002 it was very poor! My parents bought me a computer before, I use a learning machine, remember that the ace of the small tyrants. At that time, I was very interested in this thing, after buying a computer, I do not know anything, no one taught me, only self-study. We also want to self-study book, where rural where what computer books sell ah! Later at the bookstall for the boss to help me into the book city with a computer book for me, the boss agreed to pay a deposit of 20! The boss brought me a computer magazine reported in 2002, I just got a treasure, every day to see, every time a new found what I will talk to my mom and dad!

      by the end of the year I went to the city to buy a built-in "cat" and began to use the telephone line to surf the internet! Remember that time is 4.25 yuan an hour, so expensive ah! At that time, I found an American website as long as the online advertising can make money, I’m still talking to my mom and Dad, I can use this to make money, but also earn a dollar or something! They’re happy and supportive! Can be two months, I did not earn a penny, two months spent on the Internet spent $more than and 900 (extremely ashamed, I am very sorry mom and Dad, the family is very short of money)!

      the beginning is using the Yahoo search engine, the beginning is very curious, see the newspaper website for those computer plus, I have this thing on the site is extremely interested in, so I began to search the site related things, see the website is how set up, began to search the peanut shell as a dynamic IP server, the search to a lot of network.