nine headlines Reuters: now, almost every day to promote the promotion of HTML5 pages, as well as small games, small test spread on WeChat, the user has gradually become accustomed to a variety of HTML5 bombing. So in the past year is what the HTML5 technology is popular, let people WeChat frequently refresh


1, 2048


on the board of 4×4, with the direction keys to select the direction of digital movement, the same number will encounter the merger, each move will increase a number, combined with 2048 even customs clearance. Although simple, but very fun, known as " simply can not stop the game ".

2, surrounded by nervous cat


surrounded by nervous cat can be called a generation of popular game specimens. In fact, HTML5 technology in a few years ago basically mature, but has been tepid, from last year to " two or three line small star turned " " mobile marketing ", a sister; it must thank the less smoke, cheap adorable nerve cat.

3, all the people looking for ancestral name


in August last year, Ke Zhendong and Jaycee Chan have jumped into the poison pit, netizens " never let any angle " ridicule tide, HTML5 technical men are not to be outdone, launched a nationwide search for Jaycee Chan " ".

4, see you have multicolor


" you have a multicolor " is a technology based on the Html5 game, it challenges the resolution of human eye color, was friends known as " fun, easy to use ", on-line only one day a day; registered users exceeded ten million. The game is inspired from the familiar game of finding fault, and to simplify the user behavior of mobile Internet, only through the gap between the color of color to color " for ".

5, Alipay " ten years bill "



December 8, 2014, Alipay released the bill for ten years, ten years of online shopping can query the individual amounts paid by alipay. For a time, WeChat circle of friends immediately by " ", " shocking; " could not bear to look; occupy a screenshot.

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