to promote the development of Ji’nan area, especially the development of the Internet portal website construction field, to further improve the Ji’nan Internet information level, to better display the achievements and construction of Ji’nan Internet information portal Ji’nan good image on the Internet, improve the site’s profitability; promote exchanges and cooperation between the portal site, also can provide experience and opportunities for business website. The economic Qilu network and Ji’nan all webmaster and the users will in line with "the most popular site for the purpose of organizing the" 2009 Ji’nan’s most popular web site selection activities ", held this event also aims to better serve the network of friends, but also encourage the webmaster to run their own website. To better serve the community.

with the help of the event will be composed of Ji’nan Adsense alliance, regular meeting held by the webmaster, exchange experience, website promotion experience, to explore the profit model, strengthen internal cooperation, etc.. In this event, the successful application of the site, are admitted to the permanent members of the Ji’nan webmaster alliance.

welcome to the integrated portal stations, industry portals and other sites actively participate in this event. This will be an unprecedented event in the Internet industry in Ji’nan.

At the end of the

contest after participating webmaster meeting, announced the selection results and issued the corresponding prize, we will go to the webmaster nets founder of Admin5 graph king, went to the site, and we exchange site experience and website profit and other related topics.

the contest sponsored by the Qilu network, Admin5, network owners Ji’nan vegetable distribution network, Shandong agricultural information network, China alliance network and other sites with the activities at each of the participating sites with relevant reports.

activity URL:


1, the event is not subject to any restrictions on the site, as long as the site content can be legally involved.

2, this event will be divided into voting site to vote and SMS voting; top 10 respectively.

3, at the end of the vote, the voting results will be announced in Qilu earth network and the CO site.

4, registration and deadline: 2009-4-10 to 2009-5-10;

voting time is 2009-5-12 to 2009-5-30;

2009-6-1 announced the results of the selection;

5, the final interpretation of the activities of Qilu earth network.

contact details are as follows:

contact: Liu Ying

Tel: 0531-88322919