last week, the celebrations of the times vice president Liu Yujun announced in Shanghai, YY’s 100 Education formally entered the K12 market. And just three months ago, in an event held by Sohu IT and YY, was asked whether it will enter other areas outside the TOEFL IELTS, the education has also been very cautious in 100.

capital market recently sought after in the field of K12 education, may become a key factor in this time YY K12 force.

only in July, the first is Gong Haiyan line that good network similar course "YY" based on 91 foreign teachers and a ladder network, then "net operating together" and "ape exam" has completed the C round of financing, respectively, and $15 million to get 20 million. This time back on the 100 YY of education suddenly reached the K12 field, let the market competition has become the red sea.

why is K12?

with online education initially multi melee situation gradually ended, the whole market is showing a few more clear entrepreneurial point, and K12 is one of the largest and most sought after by the capital market. (Note: K12 refers to kindergarten to high school education)

According to a report by

SW released earlier, after five years of education and training market Chinese scale will reach 700 billion, of which K12 will occupy half, line 200 billion, line 150 billion. Don’t say the data is accurate, in fact, look at those parents who are not willing to let their children lose at the starting line, look at the area near the school, the various classes, you can feel a huge market.

children’s money is best to earn, this is always the truth, not to mention their parents to spend money on children, the psychological ability to bear the price is often high. There are statistics that China students in small, early and high per capita education expenditure reached 160 thousand yuan, taking into account in recent years has become increasingly active in the counseling training market, this figure may be higher, the cake has is big enough, the problem is the line who gets more.

compared to a second tier cities hundreds of dollars an hour of cram school, online education through the Internet to pull down the marginal cost, the price advantage is obvious. In the three or four line of the city, remediation prices may not be expensive, but the scarcity of online education is a good teacher, just time break geographical limitations and occupy the advantage, like the original title with what Huanggang teacher’s words, it immediately tall on a lot.


is a more important time cost savings, many classes are open in the school or the surrounding area, on the one hand is low cost, easy access to students, on the other hand is to save the student round-trip time. In the eyes of many parents, the time cost is often more important than the education of the price of the product itself, although most of the time their children are distracted in the classroom.

online education can even let a lot of parents to monitor their own