December 20th, Adam, chief technology officer of twitter, Messing, vice president of products,, Germany, announced that he would leave the company, coupled with more than a number of executives have left, pushing shares fell nearly 3 days in the past days. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on December 22nd, a famous American company of technology stocks, analysts say, twitter currently poor data, advertising positioning, advertisers dissatisfaction, price is not optimistic, the state is very bad.


over the past 5 days, Twitter’s shares fell $2.05, the closing price of $21 on the 17.08, down nearly 10.7%. Some analysts believe that Twitter’s current stock price is not even worth $10.

Messinger, former vice president of Oracle development, 2011 joined twitter, 2 years later he was promoted to chief technology officer, responsible for product development and design work. The report quoted insiders as saying that Addie, vice president of engineering will take over the work of the, and is directly responsible to the CEO.

company spokesman wrote in an e-mail, we are taking measures to flatten the company mechanism to enhance product development and design aspects, these areas are currently reported directly to the CEO".